Spraying and Sprinkler Systems

M & Q Services Ltd supply and fit dust suppression systems to reduce levels of airborne dust in quarry, coal, waste and timber shredding environments. Whatever the application, we can design and install a spray system to reduce the level of dust as far as is possible

Washing Line Sprays

Ideally suited for use along a boundary where dust can migrate and cause problems with neighbours. It can also be utilised around the area where the dust is being created in order to prevent it spreading, e.g. dust houses, crushers etc.

Mobile Crusher Spray System

A self-contained pumping station serving mobile crushers within quarries, recycling works etc. It can be powered directly from the crusher and supplies water to the spraybars positioned at the key dust suppression points on the crusher. Ideal for use in situations where water supplies are limited.

Haul Road Sprinklers

This system is designed to run from a tank. Pumps can also be fitted with foot valves and strainers to allow pumps to operate from a pond or lagoon. Different seals can be fitted to the pump to allow the pump to handle dirtier water.

Fan Sprays

The Fan Spray System consists of high pressure, fine misted sprays positioned around a manifold mounted on an electric fan. These fan sprays are suitable for use inside or outside, e.g. picking stations and waste transfer stations as well as loading hoppers, crushers and conveyors. By adding a dosing unit to the system it provides a very effective way of controlling industrial odours as well as eliminating dust.

Spray Bars

Probably one of the most effective ways to suppress dust at the source. By fitting spraybars at discharge chutes and at the head of conveyors the elimination of airborne dust can be dramatically reduced.

Some of our Services

Wheel Wash Fanspray

Stock Piles

M & Q Services Ltd can supply and install a tailored system to meet your needs. Whether it be a sprinkler, commonly used for roadways and yards, up to a 3" Raingun, which has been specifically designed to provide immediate and efficient dampening/wetting of large areas with minimal water application rates.